Core filling

Core Fill is utilized to fortify hollow block walls its a specialized blend particularly for this purpose. It’s made of a blend of River Sand and Blue Metal. The measure of the Blue Metal utilized relies on upon the span of your blocks, however its typically 5mm for smaller pieces with slender crevices, and 10mm for bigger pieces. We blend the River Sand and Blue Metal for you and when we convey it, you essentially add concrete and water to get to the quality you require.

Solid mix is utilized for making cement for a scope of purposes. It’s a blend of Sydney Washed Sand and normally three sizes of Blue Metal: 5, 10, 14mm sizes. The scope of sizes permits a total that combine well for a more grounded cement. Once more, we convey the sand and the blue metal combined, and you add concrete and water to get the quality you require. A decent solid blend contains simply enough water to make it “workable” – the right consistency to handle and spot. An excess of water will bring down the quality of your completed cement.

We offer high quality core filling mixture and services so that structure being built is secure and not vulnerable to fall or be damaged due to shocks and tremors.