DPC water barrier

Water, through capillary action, has the tendency to rise up into the building, making the walls damp this obviously weakens the structure of the building makes the paint fall of the only solution to this problem is the insertion of Damp Proof Course also known as the water barrier. The water barrier or the DPC is thin sheet applied between the walls to stop the capillary action of water. It may be applied vertically of horizontally.

The most critical factor is the selection of the material of the Damp proof course, you can just select any material, many considerations have to be made. Factors such as climate, humidity and the type of construction have to be taken in to account.

The DPC can be applied on floors, the walls and even the ceiling to stop water from seeping in. The application of DPC is not an easy thing it needs to applied with precision and with judgement.

Our team of professionals are experts in application of DPC or the water barrier so that once the construction is complete you won’t need to worry about damp walls.