Glues are used for a wide variety of purposes ranging making furniture to being used on stamps. The earliest known use of glue was made by our neanderthal ancestors as they mixed to glue in their wall paintings to preserve them! The Ancient Egyptians also used glue to make papyrus. After 1930’s technological advancements lead to production of adhesives or synthetic resin glue. Animal glue is manufactured by obtaining animal tendons and tissues from slaughter houses and processing them to obtain the final product.

The advantage of animal glue is that its totally non toxic and bio degradable which makes it eco-friendly. Pakistan Phthalates produces high quality non-toxic and eco friendly glue for wood binding, strong enough for heavy duty use. Glue manufacturing is about getting the consistency and the ingredients right with our experience and high standards of quality the glue we manufacture promises to stick and stay stuck so you don’t have to worry about your furniture falling apart!