We here at Pakistan Phthlates regard  chemicals manufacturing to be our forte, specializing in developing raw materials for the paint industry we have regularly worked for groups such ICI and Berger Paints.

As manufacturers our aim is to provide the highest quality product to our clients our we believe in creating and harnessing long term relationships with our clients. This means that while producing raw materials we keep in mind the small things that might go wrong due to lack quality of the raw materials we provide to our clients. Vigilance and attention is what sets us apart from our competitor.

Our production units are state of the art, having the latest machinery ensures the we are able to consistently provide the best possible products to our clients.

We also give special attention to the safety and well-fare of our workers, factories and production units can be dangerous places if proper safety precautions aren’t taken. Pakistan Phthalates takes pride in fulfilling all necessary safety requirements and providing our workers with the proper safety gear.

We have attained excellence in manufacturing of the following products: