P.U paints

P.U.Paints contains polyurethane which is made by a chemical reaction between polyol resin and polyisocyanate
curing agent. As compared to ordinary paints the P.U. Paints are tougher and more durable. They have the capacity to with stand extreme weather conditions and aren’t damaged by wind or rain.

They give a vibrant glossy finish when applied and the biggest plus point is that they are self cleaning as any dirt or stains swipe of if it rains. P.U paints are usually opted for industrial and architectural coating systems as a finishing coat.

Pakistan Phthalates offers speedy and high quality P.U painting services, application of P.U paint is tricky but our workers our professionally trained and make every stroke with the care it deserves so that the at the there are no bumps or turfs that usually appear when untrained workers apply P.U Paints.