Polymers for water proofing

Waterproofing is the procedure of treating a generally permeable surface to stop the movement of water (or different fluids) through the substrate. This can be achieved by applying water proofing polymers on the exposed surface of the substrate. Water proofing is essential to stop the erosion and decay of concrete and other such substances. Concrete has an inherent limitations, it is naturally pours and it contracts and expands seasonally making water proofing a must.

Pakistan Phthalates has gained an impeccable reputation by consistently providing the very best water proofing polymers to the construction and paints industries for the past 25 years. We manufacture both plasticized water proofing polymers and pigmented polymers and that are applied on cracks between concrete. We can also developed specialized polymers customized to fit our clients needs. feel free to contact us any time to get the best possible quality water proofing polymers in the market!