Roof seepage

Roof seepage an extremely common and potentially dangerous problem faced by home owners all over the world. Water gathers on the roof when it rains and slowly seeps with in the roof making the cement soft and pieces begin to wear off. If left unchecked the whole roof could fall off! Water enters the body of the roof via small cracks that appear in cement with time.

Even if the chances of the whole roof falling off are slim but water seepage is a major cause of damage to the roof water seeping through the roof does not only damage the cement it also damages the paint on the inside as water starts to diffuse out through the other side their is also a chance of damage to wiring and a dozen other potential hazards that water seepage through the roof could cause hence it is best to take proper precautions to avoid a catastrophe. We offer services to make your roof seepage free so you don’t have to worry every time it starts to rain!