Textured paints have become one of the most common trends in home decor, they are inexpensive and add a fresh look to the entire room. They can even be used to cover imperfect and uneven walls. Pakistan Phthalates offers a large variety of styles and colors for you to choose from.

There are two broad categories of texture paints, the premixed textured pains comes with gravel and has grainy feel to it usually applied on ceilings they set a nice aura to the room. The other category comes in a bucket and is extremely thick and smooth different textures are applied by using different types of application tools and brushes.

Our skilled professionals can bring out a variety of looks using textured paints, just by changing the textures the walls can be made to appear of marble, metal or even wood. Using textured paints is a cheaper alternative to get a different look for your home or working space. Pakistan Phthalates offers high quality textured painting solutions both home and offices.