Waterproofing services

Pakistan Phthalates recently ventured into providing water proofing services and has quickly made a name for it self by virtue of firstly the superior quality of waterproofing materials and secondly due to the work ethics and greater technical knowledge of our working staff.

Water has a way of making its own way, given enough time water can even erode rocks. Building aren’t any different, if not properly water proofed, seepage of water into walls and core of the structure can be potential life hazard as their is a chance of the entire building too fall!

Concrete by its nature is porous, so during construction water proofing is an essential part of creating a building envelope. Water proofing is done using various sorts of coatings and membranes. Apart from water proofing during construction Pakistan Phthalates also offers services for waterproofing washrooms, pools, basements, tanks, septic tanks and any other space, wall or roof that needs to be waterproofed.

Waterproofing is a technical task, a washroom isn’t water proofed the same way a pool is, water proofing of a septic tank is completely different from waterproofing a water tank, our professional waterproofing team is aware of all the finer technical aspects of waterproofing like pressure differences and the material of the surface to be water proofed. Armed with loads of experience and the proper tools our water proofing services are a step ahead from all the competitors.

Have you ever seen damp walls where paint is slowly comming off? that happens when the proper water proofing has not been done if you suffer with damp walls at the home or office contact us because Pakistan Phthalates also offers after construction water proofing services by using our specials coatings and sprays!

Here is a complete list of our water proofing services