Water & Septic tanks
Water & Septic tanks
Water & Septic tanks

Water Proofing of water tanks is perhaps one of the most common issue faced by constructors all over the world. The storage unit is made water proof by applying a water proofing layer on the surface of the tank.

Water proofing an underground water tank requires that we make sure that their is no leakage of water from inside the tank and also that their is no ingress of water from the surrounding soil. The water proofing layer must be strong enough to withstand the negative pressure that develops when the tank is emptied.

For an over the ground water tank the water proofing layer must have no leakages and must be elastic enough to withstand the contraction and expansion of the concrete tank that takes place due to the changes in temperature which the tank is exposed to.

Water Proofing of septic tanks

Water proofing of septic tanks is all the more important because of the health hazards that are possible if the septic tank leaks. Septic tanks are always below the ground and because of the contents of the septic tanks the normal concretes degrades over time causing leaching and leakages. To fix this a special layer of waterproofing needs to be added.

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