Pakistanphthalates is renowned not compromise on quality and quality is what matters when comes to Acrylics, which is all about clarity even a single scratch or a bubble can ruin the look of the entire product.

Acrylic is a clear glass-like Plastic which is derived as a substrate of Acrylic acid, The final product is known as PMMA shot for poly(methyl) methacrylate but in the industry commonly known as acrylic glass.

There two broad categories of Acrylic glass extruded and cast. extruded glass is made by squeezing the liquid plastic through rollers, pressing it in to glass like sheets as the plastic cools, Extruded method is relatively cheaper and the rolled sheets are softer compared with the cast method.

Cast acrylics also known as cell cast acrylics is made by pressing the liquid plastic between pieces of a mold often made of glass, which slowly heated. Cast acrylics are much rigid and are used for purposes such as Aquariums and awards or other objects that have to shaped or carved. Cast Acrylic is prone to fewer scratches than the extruded method.

Pakistan Phthalates Specializes in manufacturing Arcylic feed stock for weather shield paints and plastic emulsion paints; we have manufactured these for top paint companies the likes of ICI paints, Nippon Paints and Berger Paints (Buxly Paints)

Acrylic manufacturing is all about purity and quality assurance, Pakistan Phthalates pays special attention to the quality of the finished good making sure that our clients get the clearest possible acrylics.