Decorative Paints
Decorative Paints
Decorative Paints

Decorative Paints are a great alternative to regular paints, if you want to go for a more attractive and brighter look. Decorative paints are a delightful change from regular boring colors and can change the entire look of the building, room or working space.

Pakistan Phthalates is a renowned manufacturer of Decorative paints. Their four broad categories of decorative paints;

Industrial: Industrial decorative paints are made not only to look good but also to be tougher and more resistant to damage than ordinary paints.

Interior: specialized for painting inner walls and ceiling of a space

Exterior: specialized for painting outer walls of a building as compared to interior paints they are made to withstand natural factors such as rain, direct sunlight and temperature variations.

Oil based: Have a petroleum or alkyd base to their formulation they are usually used for painting cabinets and furniture they have a more durable finish than ordinary paints.

After 25 years of experience we have mastered the art of manufacturing specialized decorative paints in all the four categories always delivering on time and exceeding our clients expectations.