Fire Retardant
Fire Retardant
Fire Retardant

This may sound strange but getting a new paint job may save your lives! sounds funny right, but its true. Pakistan Phthalates now offersFire Retardant Paint Services both for commercial offices and homes. even your old paint can be coated with the layer of our fire retardant and you can sleep more soundly with a knowledge that you are a little safer.

Flame Control intumescent paints are ideal for a variety of substrates including wood, sheetrock, metals, fiberglass, composites, concrete, and open and closed cell foams.

These coating are perfect for industries, kitchens or other rooms where machinery may be at work. The fire retardant coats work by reducing spread of flames and reduce heat penetration through intumescent technologies.

Whats more is that they have the same aesthetic appearance as normal paints. Our trained professionals have the know how to apply the coats properly so they are effective.

If you are an industry owner where your office has a high risk of a fire spreading contact us now and get the fire retardant paint to reduce the risk.

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